Here’s a cute and clever way to say “I love you” – and just in time for valentines day. If you purchase a Word Sprout and give it to someone you love, when they first open the can they will only see soil. However, after a few days of watering, a little seed will sprout bearing the words “I love you”.

You can even personalize the message if you’ve got the cash and want to place an order for 5000 or more.

$10 from Compact-Impact

I wanted to know how this works, so I had to ask Compact-Impact’s Kiho. Apparently the words are burned with a laser into the seed before it is planted, and when the little plant sprouts, the words on the outside of the seed remain visible in the sprout. I have to say, it looks like you could do this pretty easily yourself with a little ingenuity and access to a laser-cutting machine. Anyone tried this? I’d love to hear how it turned out.