As the newest member of the Hello Wood cabin family, the Workstation Cabin offers the perfect tranquil retreat designed specifically to inspire creativity. Described as “the future of meeting rooms,” this unique workspace has a modern interior made of Scots pine wood and complemented by large windows. Prefabricated using state-of-the-art technology, this modular cabin was designed on the computer and built using a computer numerical control machine. With 15 sides, the structure looks different from every angle.

a 15-sided wood cabin with large windows covering various sides of the cabin. outside, the cabin is surrounded by greenery. a walkway leads up to the cabin's entrance.

Insulation protects the compact structure’s occupants from harsh weather and helps the cabin adapt to the changing seasons. The home also features designated spaces for built-in air conditioning, electrical outlets and wifi capabilities. While the unique cabin primarily functions as an office space, it can also transform into a meeting area, children’s playroom or even a guest room.

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the interior of the cabin's wood ceilings/walls, punctuated with two windows. a small table sits in the middle of the room. green trees are viewable outside the windows.

While each minimalist cabin is delivered turn-key and includes a built-in workbench and electrical outlet, Hello Wood also offers several customizable add-ons and services. Usual features include heating and air conditioning, but customers can also choose to incorporate mood lighting, a sound system or television inside. Outside the cabin, customers can even add landscaping and a terrace. The gross floor area measures about 107 square feet with an interior area of about 86 square feet, and the total height, including legs, measures in at just under 12 feet. 

a sitting area inside the cabin, next to a window that overlooks greenery. the room features a futon with a blue pillow and pink pillow, and a corner seat covered in blankets and pillows. potted plants are placed throughout the room.

Thanks to the modular prefab design, installation only takes a few days. Potential owners need only have about 14.2 x 11.1 x 11.8 feet of space. Even better, any module can be easily replaced if necessary, meaning if one portion gets damaged, repairs can take place without demolition work affecting the rest of the structure. The cabin achieves its low environmental footprint through its small size and low energy consumption, as well as its use of renewable materials.

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Photography by Zsuzsa Darab