The same company that constructed a 30 story building in just 15 days has ambitious plans to build the world’s tallest prefabricated skyscraper in Changsha, China. Called Sky City Tower, the building is slated to surpass the height of the current tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, by 10 meters – but local Chinese news outlets are reporting that work on the project has been halted because of safety concerns.

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“Relevant authorities” had ordered a halt to work on the Sky City tower “because it did not complete the required procedures for seeking approval to start construction”, the Xiaoxiang Morning Post newspaper reported. Although Broad Group announced that they had already broken ground on the mammoth 2,749 ft structure, which has a four month construction schedule, fears about the project’s safety have arisen.

On the one hand, according to local news, it’s questionable whether the land can support the skyscraper’s immense weight. On the other, there are concerns that the company has not secured the right permissions to proceed and that the short construction time potentially compromises safety. However, a spokesperson for Broad Group assured AFP that they have secured all of the permits they need.

The People’s Daily knocked the project, according to Physorg, calling it “blind worship for ultrahigh skyscrapers.” Just a few days ago, the developer said that it was planning to delay construction until 2014 due to cost.

Via Physorg