Everyone should recycle their cans – but we never thought we’d see a working roller coaster made entirely from packaged food products! Designed and built by a team called “Thinking Outside of the Can,” the Roller CANster was one of the winners at this year’s Canstruction Madison. All food from the cans will be donated to MOM’s Food Pantry, which in turn invites the public to view the structures and contribute their own donation of canned food to help end hunger.

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Canstruction Madison 2013 is a community competition that fights against hunger. During the event, teams build incredibly imaginative structures out of canned goods and packaged food they have either purchased or collected. According to team members, “a metal hook attached to a bike chain pulls the can up the hill, and a sprocket near the bottom of the hill is powered by a DC motor.” At the top, they simply release the can and gravity does the rest.

If you think you can do better, then head to Canstruction’s website. The nonprofit organization encourages artists and engineers to submit creations made entirely of cans in competitions the world over.

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