Unleashing a world-wide project to clean up the planet, Let’s Do It World is bringing groups on every continent together for World Clean Up 2012. Driven to do something about the 100 million tons of illegal garbage strewn across the globe, World Clean Up 2012 hopes to connect millions of people to clean up cities, beaches and forests everywhere. It may sound like an ambitious goal, but by motivating even a few groups internationally, the team at Let’s Do It World will be attempting to reach communities everywhere, raising awareness about waste and garbage disposal.

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The team is hoping to form a network whereby groups engage in clean up tasks for at least one day in the six month period. In exchange for a bit of commitment they’ll offer advice from their experience on how to encourage people to give their community a good old washing. If you want to get involved contact the regional coordinators and join in the clean up!

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Images courtesy of Let’s Do It World