It may sound like a joke, but Sweden’s famous Ice Hotel is mandated to install fire alarms as a safety measure in compliance with national building regulations. The otherworldly hotel located in the far north of Sweden, about 17 kilometers from Kiruna, has been creating fantastical winter experiences for its guests since it first open 24 years ago. But there has never been a fire.

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Despite the sub-freezing temperatures and the fact that its walls, fittings, fixtures and even glasses are made entirely from ice and compacted snow, the hotel will have to incorporate smoke alarms as a precaution measure required by Swedish officials.

The hotel is made from approximately 1,000 tons of ice that melts away each year, and the organization has to file for building permits every time they rebuild. The hotel’s spokesperson said that although the building is made from ice, objects like pillows, sleeping bags and reindeer skins can catch fire- a diplomatic response to the curious requests by the authorities.

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