The World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters in Amman, Jordan has been awarded the LEED Gold certification, making it the first building in the country to receive the qualification. As you all know, the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program was developed by the US Green Building Council to provide standards for green building. In order to receive the certification, everything in a building is taken into consideration from materials used to water efficiency and the sustainability of the site. The LEED Gold certification is the second highest level of certification that a building can receive.

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The facility, which was designed by Amman-based firm Engicon, spans an area larger than 3900 square meters and encompasses four floors. The structure accommodates WHO and the Regional Centre for Environmental Health Activities with common reception areas, meeting rooms, a library, and video conference rooms.

Engicon was responsible for “the architectural, structural and electromechanical designs, interior design, preparation of tender documents, and supervision of services.” Engicon CEO, Tarek Zuriekat, emphasized that, “environmental stewardship has always been a cornerstone of our company’s business approach.”

Over 45 percent of the materials used for construction were regional or local materials, and throughout the construction process, builders recycled 78 percent of the construction waste to keep it out of landfills. WHO has also made it a focus to reduce pollution and waste throughout the entire building process.

It is hoped that the innovative building will serve as an example for the region and for similar buildings in the future. Congratulations to the WHO in joining the next generation of green buildings!

+ Jordan Green Building Council / Engicon

via World Interior Design Network