Check out this brilliant World Wildlife Fund ad campaign in the form of bathroom towel dispensers! Demonstrating that Saatchi and Saatchi is the undisputed king of transforming advertising into an art form, this genius PSA integrates a crucial environmental message into the built environment. Shown above is the latest example of clever marketing concept ingeniously integrated into the most banal space: a public restroom. These paper towel dispensers have a cut out the shape of South America through which a stack of green paper towels illustrates the green rain forest canopy of the continent. As the paper towel dispenser is slowly drained of its green paper towels, we see the greenness slowly drained out of South America, symbolizing the nasty environmental impact of disposable paper towels.

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We think this is an shining example of communication design: making a direct, graphic connection for viewers about how simple thoughtless consumption impacts the environment in such a negative way. The message is clear: every piece of paper you take is a piece of South America’s rainforest. How much more visceral and engaging is that over a boring TV PSA or print ad? Makes us never want to use paper towels again!

This genius idea came from the prestigious Saatchi and Saatchi, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The second eco-ad example utilizes the movement of shadows on a billboard to demonstrate how global warming will lead to rising water levels with a shaped canopy and the shifting sun. Below is a YouTube video of this brilliant billboard in action.

Someone at Saatchi needs to be given a promotion and an award for this one. Well done!