The world’s first ultrafast electric vehicle charger has been installed in Bergen, Norway. The supercharger has a maximum output of 360kW and can charge an EV in less than 15 minutes. The station was installed collaboratively by ABB E-mobility and Eviny.

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ABB’s Terra 360 is now available to over 600,000 electric vehicle users in Norway. For a country with such a huge number of EV users, the station is poised to change how people adopt EVs. According to ABB, the newly installed station can charge up to two vehicles at a time. Furthermore, the chargers are designed to balance the charging speed for both vehicles accordingly.

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“The charging stations can simultaneously charge up to two vehicles with dynamic power distribution. With a maximum output of 360 kW, the Terra 360 is a future proof solution capable of fully charging an electric car in 15 minutes or less,” said ABB in a statement.

While making the announcement, the company said that they will be setting up more stations across Norway and Sweden. Both Norway and Sweden are leaders in EV adoption across the world. Frank Muehlon, CEO of ABB E-mobility, said that Norway is already setting the pace for E-mobility and the recent launch is a step in the right direction.

“Having recently unveiled the Terra 360 to the world, these are truly landmark launches which we are delighted to partner with Eviny on. Norway is setting the global standard when it comes to the e-mobility transition and we are excited to hear the reaction of EV drivers in one of the most advanced nations for EV adoption,” said Muehlon.

Norway has made it clear that it intends to become the first nation to end the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles in the world. If all goes according to plan, there will be no fossil fuel-powered vehicles sold in Norway by 2025. Market shares for electric vehicle plugins in Norway have been on a steady growth year after year. Experts say that although the market has low points, it keeps performing strongly and is expected to grow further.

“Norway, the leading country in electric transport adoption, saw plugin electric vehicle share of 84.2% in April, up from 80.1% year-on-year. April is typically a yearly low point for plugins, so this is a decent result.” Max Holland for CleanTechnica said.

Via CleanTechnica, Green Car Congress

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