The world’s first 3D-printed laptop teaches people how to create their own circuit boards, build 3D-printed objects, and understand electronics. The team behind the PiTop Raspberry Pi laptop launched an Indiegogo campaign two weeks ago. Not only did they manage to reach their $80,000 goal, they smashed it, raising a whopping $116,000.

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Pi-Top comes as a kit that includes an injection moulded case and 3d printing files so users can print their own Pi-Top cases. It focuses on teaching the key skills necessary to make real hardware products. By combining Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and 3D printing, the team provides the knowledge to create any hardware product one wants to make. The kit goes through each of its components and their functionality, so that people can use Pi-Top as a tool for their own projects in the future.

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The design is completely open source, offers great functionality and is community supported. Those who contributed on day one of the campaign will receive an extra free laser cut acrylic slice with a unique design laser etched into the acrylic.

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