Inhabitat reader Joann Plockova writes to tell us about Rome’s newest attraction – the world’s first hotel made entirely of garbage! The Save The Beach Hotel ain’t pretty, but neither will Europe’s beaches be if its citizens don’t start cleaning up. Designed by German artist H.A. Shult as part of a publicity campaign by the environmental group Save The Beach, this trashy hotel is made of 12,000 kilograms of debris collected from Europe’s beaches.

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Save The Beach hotel makes a very poignant gesture towards a very real environmental problem, and we couldn’t help seeing a certain DADAist streak in the idea. In a BBC interview Mr. Shult explains “It’s made of garbage because where ever you go on this planet there is garbage. We are living in a time of garbage on the planet which we have only rented.” The shock value is carried inside, where the five guest hotel features walls encrusted with artifacts that have been disinfected.

The Hotel is not made completely of garbage — the structure is actually a very modern system prefabricated in a German factory, and the garbage wall panels were pre-built as well (here is a video showing how they made it.) It is only fitting that the intention of the DADA art movement — to shock and disorient — is still alive and well at the service of environmental awareness. Unfortunately, they don’t take reservations as the building is only there temporarily.

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Via BBC News and 9news