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The Mushroom Tiny House isn’t a behemoth. With a footprint of 12′ x 7′, it’s more of an Enoki than a full-grown Portabello. But what the home lacks in size, it makes up for with its impressive use of green materials. Unlike traditional houses, which are often lined with petroleum-based foam insulation, the wooden walls of the Mushroom Tiny House are lined with mycelium (or mushroom “roots”). This mushroom insulation forms an airtight seal and excellent thermal protection. According to Ecovative, it is also affordable, fire resistant and has low or no VOCs. In addition to naturally-grown insulation, the house also has ceiling tiles made of mushroom material.

“At its core, our vision in the building industry is to offer architects, builders and consumers the ultimate solution for eco-friendly, energy-efficient construction at a price that is far less costly to our health, the environment and our pocketbooks,” said Ecovative Co-Founder Eben Bayer.

After the home was completed in mid-June, Ecovative‘s mushroom house was transported by trailer from Green Island, New York to Vermont for the 2013 Tiny House Fair.

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