What better way to kick off autumn than with a gigantic pumpkin? We’re not talking about just any sizable squash – it’s the world’s first one-ton pumpkin! Ron Wallace of Greene, Rhode Island has grown a gargantuan gourd weighing a staggering 2,009 lbs, breaking the previous record of 1,843.5 lbs. Now, that’s a lot of pie!

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In Boston, Massachusetts, the Topsfield Fair held its annual All New England Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off competition, and for the fourth year in a row it offered a bonus of $10,000 for the fist one-ton pumpkin. Ron Wallace captured the prize with his 2,009 lb behemoth, shattering a record set only 24 hrs before in Deerfield, New Hampshire.

“It took six years to get back, but I’m back, baby,” yelled Wallace or his recent return to glory, giving a giant thumbs-up to the crowd of spectators gathered at the Fair. “It was a great seed,” he said of his pumpkin’s humble origins. “We used that same seed last year to grow a pumpkin almost as big but we lost it in the patch. I attribute it to the weather, the seed and Ronnie has an excellent program where we constantly monitor the balance of the soil, all the nutrients are balanced correctly.”

As one of the oldest agricultural celebrations in the country, Topsfield has set an impressive seven world records in the last 15 years. A total of $24,000 was given out as prize money during the weigh-off. A number of passionate growers enter each year to show off their accomplishments, which are often grown on limited acreage with few resources other than dedication and a good green thumb. As for the world record holder, the pumpkin will be on display at the fair through Columbus Day, impressing audiences in all of its glory.

Via Neatorama