By now you probably know that LED bulbs are the wave of the future, but we just came across an update that makes them even more technologically advanced – the world’s first LED light that can be remote-controlled right from your smartphone! INSTEON, a home automation manufacturer, just debuted their high-tech new bulb and demonstrated how it can be turned on, off and dimmed with as many controllers as you want – including your smartphone and tablet.

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Set up of the new LED bulb is easy through INSTEON’s free app for iOS and Android: just link your smartphone or tablet with INSTEON’s SmartLinc Central Controller ($100), swap out your old light bulbs with INSTEON’s LED bulb, and then get ready to dim the lights from your phone whenever you please. Users can also control the light bulb with keypads, motion and door sensors and switches.

Though INSTEON’s LED light bulbs are only 8W, they shine just as brightly as 60W-100W incandescent bulbs conserving energy and saving money (but you already knew that).

INSTEON’s LED light bulbs are $29.99 and can be found at various retailers.


Via CleanTechnica