Next time you hit the slopes on a sunny day there is no need to worry about your gadgets running out of juice. Snowboard manufacturer Signal — the company that recently created the world’s first 3D printed snowboard — just launched the Solar Hybrid board that charges your electronic devices with clean, renewable energy while you cruise down the mountain. The board contains a thin layer of solar cells embedded into the topsheet that harvests energy from the sun to power your electronics as you ride.

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The solar-powered snowboard is currently selling for $750 on the Signal website, which includes a USB battery pack. The battery holds 2,000mAh of power and takes about three hours to fully charge an iPhone. It takes around five hours of direct sunlight to fill up the battery.

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The board’s portable power station is ideal not just for keeping a smartphone charged while snowboarding, but it’s also great for Point of View (POV) cameras or Heads Up Display (HUD) goggles, ensuring that you and your snowboarding buddies will never run out of batteries right before you record that sick frontside lipslide or backside rodeo 720.

On their website, Signal states that “the brand’s mission is about being a company that believes in making more than just a product. We are about building a community with a much bigger cause.” And with the world’s first solar-powered snowboard they are bringing the solar revolution to the snowboard industry.

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