This week the world’s first two-seat electric helicopter completed its first flight inside a German hangar. E-volo’s VC200 Volocopter lifted into the air for several minutes and reached a height of nearly 22 meters. This emission-free multicopter can hover and glide by changing the thrust and torque produced by 18 spinning blades.

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On November 17, the e-Volo team tested their newest Volocopter prototype VC200 in a hangar in Karlsruhe. According to the company, the aircraft exceeded all expectations: it was quiet, produced no noticeable vibrations during the flight and showed excellent use of its new spring strut landing gear and rotor plane. The next phase of the project is already underway.

A two-year development program will be conducted in collaboration with the German Federal Aviation Office (LBA) and the German Ultralight Aircraft Association (DULV), during which time the team will perform series of autonomous test flights over uninhabited areas of the country. The aim of the program is to demonstrate the reliability of the aircraft’s electronic steering and safety systems during uninterrupted flight.

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Via Belfast Telegraph