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“Lighting Science is committed to creating products that promote sustainability and low carbon economies,” said Pete Rumsey, Executive Vice President of Business Development for Lighting Science. “By choosing the lightweight Durabulb instead of other LED bulbs, Americans have the opportunity to reduce the CO2 emissions associated with LED lights by 20,000 tons a year. That’s the equivalent of driving a car across the United States 16,213 times.”

The secret behind the Durabulb‘s shatter-proof design is its flexible, bouncy polycarbonate plastic shell. Rumsey explained that the LS team had quite a good time testing out the Durabulb by dropping it off of an eight-story building and bashing it with a tennis racket. “We even mailed it unpackaged through the U.S. postal system, with nothing but a label on it, and it still worked,” he said.

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Because it’s so hard to break, the Durabulb needs much less packaging than other similar products. Unlike other bulbs, it can be shipped in bulk in plastic tubs using about 30 percent less material than other bulbs.

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In addition to its durable, waste-reducing design, the Durabulb boasts omni-directional amber light and lasts up to 10,000 hours. Lighting Science also plans to offer a take-back program where consumers will be able to trade in the Durabulb for a 50-percent-off coupon after its three-year warranty ends.

The Durabulb is set to launch for sale soon at Menard’s and Home Depot and on HSN.

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