Seeking to expand the horizons of future-forward transportation, Ecotricity founder Dale Vince has set out to create the world’s first zero-emission, wind powered supercar. The vehicle is based upon a heavily modified Lotus Exige that has been retrofitted with an electric engine that will be charged completely by the wind!

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Dale has been keeping track of his progress on his blog Zero Carbonista as he transforms the supercar into sleek electric vehicle capable of running on the wind alone. Of course, at this point you are probably wondering why? After all, competing companies are currently developing and a whole other array of other vehicles. Dale’s reason?

“The car is meant to be a demonstration of what can be done with technology available today – ie stuff that doesn’t need inventing for the next decade. Since we started the world of EV’s has really got fired up and all the big car makers are talking about making them now it seems. Good stuff but still it’s just talk.”

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