Today FuelCell Energy, Inc. announced the dedication and operation of the world’s largest carbon neutral fuel cell power plant – a 2.8 megawatt DFC3000 stationary fuel cell power plant installation at a water treatment facility in California. The plant’s unique on-site fuel cell application converts biogas, a harmful greenhouse gas, into electricity and usable high-quality heat in a carbon-neutral fashion that emits virtually no pollutants.

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The plant was recently sold to Anaergia, Inc., a project developer and investor. Anaergia is selling the electricity and heat to Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA) under a twenty year power purchase agreement.

As you’re probably aware, wastewater treatment is stinky business. In California, public utilities are prohibited from releasing the biogas generated by the wastewater treatment process directly into the atmosphere, as it is a harmful greenhouse gas. Instead of simply burning the gas and generating even more air pollutants, the fuel cell technology captures this energy and turns it into clean electrical power.

“This 2.8 megawatt fuel cell power plant is the world’s largest power plant operating on renewable on-site biogas. Our fuel cell technology is uniquely positioned to provide what other megawatt-class power generation products can’t, which is efficiently converting biogas into continuous power right where the biogas is generated and in a manner that is virtually absent of pollutants,” said Chip Bottone, President and Chief Executive Officer, FuelCell Energy, Inc. “This project is a win for everyone involved, particularly the citizens of California that benefit from privately financed carbon-neutral power generation.”

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