The holy city of Amritsar, India will be the site of the first urban installation of the Personal Rapid Transport, a system first seen at London’s Heathrow Airport. The elevated transportion system will be a vital connection for 100,000 riders a day between the downtown, the rail station and the Golden Temple. The driverless system developed by ULTra Global PRT is comprised of individual cars that can be summoned on demand. The raised rail will also be able to navigate the tight infrastructure of the city while reducing congestion.

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Photo Eagle Eye News

As some half a million visitors come to visit the holiest of Sikh shrines at one time, the city became desperate to find away to accommodate the overwhelming flow of humans. Rather than trying to modernize and widen the entire core of the city streets, the local government is giving the nod to ULTra Fairwood to build the Personal Transport System above head. The system will easily be the largest of its kind in the world, capable of running 200 cars and carrying up to 12,000 people every hour. While only 3.3 kilometer in length, the pods will have seven stops between the train station and Golden Temple, which is only approachable by foot or pedal rickshaw to reduce the risk of air pollution damaging its walls.

The design is based on the newly completed system in Heathrow, but with a few tweaks. The elevated tracks have been reengineered to handle the monsoonal rains, and higher temperatures mean a more robust A/C system in the pods. Most importantly, each car will be able to handle six passengers rather than four. Construction has already begun, and completion is targeted for sometime in 2014. Developers insist the price for a ride will be comparable to other modes of transport and reduce peak congestion by 30%.

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Via New York Times and Architizer