Wind power in the U.K. is about to get a big boost, as the world’s largest offshore wind farm was just announced for the Yorkshire coast. The Guardian reports that the U.K. energy secretary just approved an array of 400 turbines to be built about 80 miles off the coast of the Northern England county.

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The Dogger Bank Creyke Beck project, as it’s known, will cover about 430 square miles and cost between $9 billion and $12 billion to build. When completed, it’s expected to provide about 2.5% of the U.K.’s electricity requirements – or enough power for about two million homes.

The Dogger Bank site is ideal for this project because it’s an area of shallow seabed, only about 100 feet deep, which will likely make it easier to set foundations and install the huge turbines there–through no company has done any explorations in the area to officially confirm that.

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If built, these turbines would be the furthest offshore that have ever been attempted. They would also be just the first stage of a project that could end up being three times the size.

According to Ed Davey, U.K. energy and climate change secretary, it will also mean a big boost in green jobs for the country. “Making the most of Britain’s home-grown energy is creating jobs and businesses in the U.K, getting the best deal for consumers and reducing our reliance on foreign imports,” Davey told The Guardian. “Wind power is vital to this plan, with £14.5 billion invested since 2010 into an industry which supports 35,400 jobs.” The Dogger Bank project is expected to create about 900 new jobs.

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