The title of ‘world’s largest offshore wind farm‘ has been batted about many times in the past few years – from the 100-turbine Thanet Wind Farm in the North Sea to the 175-turbine London Array. However Moray Offshore Renewables Ltd is planning to top both by constructing three offshore wind farms located 22km (13.5 miles) from the Caithness coast that will contain a total of 339 turbines. The £4.5bn project has the potential to power up to one million households in Scotland.

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The project has been divided into two distinctive parts – the offshore generating station and the transmission infrastructure. This system will send the electrical power from the outer Moray Firth to the mainland, where it can be used by residential and industrial customers.

The wind farm is expected to generate 1,500 MW (1.5 GW), with each site (Telford, Stevenson and MacColl) producing 500 MW each. In a statement, Moray Offshore Renewables said: “As a country, we require to dedicate some of our land and water resources to the construction of new electricity generation infrastructure, and there are many positive reasons why the proposed site in the Outer Moray Firth is a good use of this space for the development of offshore wind energy.”

“Moray Offshore Renewables will provide a lead to the world’s renewable energy sector, by moving this technology from a demonstrator project to a commercial-scale, capable of meeting a significant proportion of the nation’s energy need.”

Currently, Highland Council officers are recommending that the local authorities raise no objection to the plans. Meanwhile, the Scottish government will have the final say on the planning application.

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