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An army of volunteers helped Ella & Pitr complete the gigantic mural in a speedy four days. Lilith and Olaf depicts a woman, painted in mostly black and white with the exception of her painted red nails, curled up with a small colorful figure falling from her hand. The smaller figure represents King Olaf I of Norway, who ruled the country from 995 – 1000 and was reportedly born just meters away in an islet in Lake Frøylandsvatnet.

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Although the new landmark can’t be enjoyed from street-level, Ella & Pitr strategically placed it on a flight path to Stavanger Airport so that it can be seen from above. The airport’s control tower staff, pilots, and aircraft crew have also been notified so that they can tweak their flight paths to give passengers the best view of “Lilith and Olaf.” The NuArt festival opens this weekend in Stavanger and runs through October 11, 2015.

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