Continuing California’s quest to decrease dependence on fossil fuel-based power plants, the largest solar array farm in the world will be built in the Golden State, providing zero emission electricity to Central Valley residents.

To be created by Cleantech America, in conjunction with the Kings River Conservation District, the plant will produce over 80 megawatts, producing twice as much power as the next largest planned power plant to be built in Germany. It will be built in three different phases, with a total final energy output of 80MW by 2011. To put it into perspective, the largest planned solar power plant in the US is a 15MW plant located at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.

Interestingly enough, this wasn’t the only solar power plant announced by this company. Last month, it announced a partnership with PG&E (last seen here, and here) that they would be building the third largest solar array in the country, also in California.

As we all know, solar power in-grid zero emission provides peak power when it is needed most, during the hottest times of the year. And at this scale, solar power starts to become economically viable. “This is a visionary step by Kings River Conservation District. The extraordinary economies of scale which can be achieved by facilities of this magnitude would have a dramatic effect on helping solar energy achieve grid parity.” said Bill Barnes, CEO of CleantechLLC America .

+ World’s biggest solar farm planned in California