India will soon be home to the largest solar plant in the world! Developed in partnership between government and state-owned companies, the new plant in Rajasthan will pump out 4,000 MW of clean energy for western India. The first phase alone will generate 1,000 MW of solar power when complete – that’s 10 times more energy than any exiting solar plant in India.

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Five companies have banded together to begin the epic solar installation. BHEL, Powergrid Corporation, Solar Energy Corporation of India, Hindustan Salts and Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Limited will use their capital to fund the ambitious project. The project’s first phase, slated for 2016 completion, will increase the country’s solar capacity by 1,000 MW.

The 4,000 MW solar project comes as a contrast to a recently commissioned coal-fired Ultra Mega Power Plant, which will have a matched capacity of 4,000 MW. Tata Power’s project, the dirty coal power plant will be in direct competition with the ultra mega solar power plant and may offer a lower utility rate.

Even so, the solar power plant has a better chance to survive over the long term. Aside from being an environmentally responsible power source, the solar array only requires the ample Indian sun to create energy, whereas the coal-fired plant will rely on imported coal with a higher carbon content.

This large scale solar energy plan is expected to help India maintain an energy source for their rapidly growing population, while cutting down on their greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.

Via Clean Technica

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