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US-based Bridge Development, Corp. is behind the design for the Nano Living System and hopes to be able to provide their homes to people around the world in need of adequate housing. The Nano is built using solar-passive design and prefabricated metal Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) that are capable of supporting structures 2-4 stories high and have an insulation of R-20 at only 4″ thick. Each Nano house comes ready to the site, including wiring, plumbing, furnishings as well as any of the additional sustainable features.

Solar panels on the roof can power the mini-home, and a rainwater catchment system, grey water recycling, green roof and argon-filled windows or solar heat pumps can be added. Inside the Nano are all the basic necessities of a home, including the kitchen, bathroom, closet, dining room as well as two king size beds that built into the ceiling and drop down to rest on the dining room table and the sofa and coffee table. The interiors have been designed with traditional Chinese feng shui accents that focus on well-being within the home. And all of this inside 200 square feet! They also have a one-bedroom model that runs 325 square feet.