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Working with their love of all things natural, the energetic mud-loving team built this sustainable structure literally from the ground up. First, they worked the ground with their own feet to knead the earth together with water and straw as a binding element. Once the mud compound was just perfect, a round building base was hollowed out and the walls stabilized with large stones. The skeleton was then constructed by weaving and tying twigs and stick together forming a dome-like shape. Discarded glass bottles and shards were then tied to the structure to provide a naturally lit, multi-hued interior.

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Once the skeleton was complete, it was then meticulously covered in the mud straw mix, carefully crafting seating and living areas on the inside. Although certainly rustic, the sustainable hut offers a comfortable living option for those wanting to connect with nature. Within the cozy interior, a number of sculpted seating options are available and a built-in Russian stove provides a cooking and heating source. Perfect for keeping any Halloween ghouls at bay!

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