Take one rusty, beat up old MG Midget, two creative artists and some sturdy recycled and leftover materials and this is what you get – the Woven Car. Ann Conte and Jeanne Wiley have renovated an old clunker by re-skinning it in sturdy recycled and overstock materials. The vehicle is now on display as part of a new exhibit at the South Shore Art Center in Cohasset, MA, along with a number of other Mixed Media pieces.

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Conte and Wiley took an early-model 1960’s MG Midget that was previously holding firewood in a backyard and decided to completely revamp it from the undercarriage up. Their main goal was to give the car a woven basket-like exterior, so they used overstock car seat belt material (about 500 yards) to create a hatched woven cover for the car, which they then bolted on to the metal. Wiley who is a ceramic artist with a weaving background said that the reuse project was all “about recycling, reusing, repurposing and sustainability.

The interior of the car including the seats, floorboards and windshield were made out of a partially-recycled material called Corian Terra made by DuPont. The material for the car was actually donated by DuPont after the company heard the artists wanted to use it in the car, which will now be on display at DuPont’s booth at GreenBuild 2010 in November. Additionally, the car was outfitted with handmade ceramic flowers, headlights and tail lights.

+ South Shore Art Center

Photo Credits: Gary Higgins Photograph