The recently finished green roof atop the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) headquarters in Washington, D.C. is the third largest in the nation’s capitol. The project involved replacing the original 24 year-old roof with a 27,750 sq ft, state of the art living system of locally grown plant life. WWF has already impressed us with green architectural innovation at their headquarters in the Netherlands, and we’re glad to see them giving Washington D.C. an excellent example of the benefits of a green roof.

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The roof has eleven types of sedum plants installed, which are known for their excellent water storing properties. These plants will reduce stress on the city’s sewer infrastructure while lessening the overflow into the nearby Potomac, Anacostia and Rock Creek Parks. The renovated roof will aid in sound insulation and will also reduce the operating costs to cool and heat the building.

An on-site dedication by WWF along with and representatives from the EPA, the District Department of the Environment and the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (WASA) will take place this week.

+World Wildlife Fund