Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man coffee not only provides a stellar cup of good joe, but also supports struggling communities around the world. Founded in 2011 with his partner David Steingard, Laughing Man Coffee is part of Laughing Man Worldwide, a charitable organization that distributes 100 percent of net proceeds to fund education, community development and new businesses in developing countries. Laughing Man’s line of coffees, teas and accessories are sold in their New York outpost and online, so coffee lovers everywhere can give back while drinking their morning brew.

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Jackman hatched his charitable coffee line while planting coffee trees with a farmer named Dukale in Ethiopia. Experiencing the effect of just one person’s hard work on a community firsthand, he was inspired to create Laughing Man Worldwide as a large scale way to transform these communities. Dukale’s own coffee crops served as the start, and his beans are available through Laughing Man along with beans from Ethiopia, Peru, Guatemala, Papa New Guinea and Brazil. Laughing Man’s robust line offers something for every taste, including a line of teas, hot chocolates, gift sets, and coffee accessories.

Although the company is not focusing on distributing their donations to just one charity, they are fervently focused on education, supporting initiatives in the United States and abroad. Laughing Man also works with World Vision Australia to bring clean stoves to Ethiopia’s coffee growing communities, which allows less trees to be felled for wood-burning stoves and creates more shade for coffee crops.

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