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Since sunlight played a big part in the home’s design, all of the bedrooms were oriented to the east to maximize the position of the sun in the private spaces in the mornings. The kitchen was set on the west side, to bring natural light into the space for the preparation of dinner.

The owner of the home has roots working with forestry, so A2+ tapped into the region’s historic connection to forestry as an inspiration for the design of the façade. The region was once planted with forests surrounding it to protect the city from sandstorms and winds, so the architects paid homage to that history by sourcing local pine for the outside of the home.

The single-floor home is built to encompass a natural courtyard that functions as the entrance, and blurs the lines between inside and out. Poured concrete walls allowed the architects to create sleek curvilinear walls, and they also help to insulate the interior, keeping it naturally cool in the hot region. Window eaves hang especially low to block solar gain and keep the interior shaded, while the large glass curtains let in light. The Xieria House II blends the history of the Portuguese regions, with an exquisite modern home that creates a comfortable living space in the warm Mediterranean climate.

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