We’ve shared lots of great ways to compost, recycle or reuse your old Christmas tree – but blasting it off into space never crossed our mind. Two DIY’ers have decided to “reuse” their Christmas tree by turning it into a rocket and launching it skyward. The already shedding tree was sent 120 feet into the air, revealing its unexpected aerodynamic properties.

Using differential calculus, a car battery, and 32 engines wired in parallel, the creators of “Christmas Tree Rocketry: The Art and Science of Holiday Recycling” turn used Christmas trees into crazy holiday rockets. The flight of the XMS MissileToe was executed in two programmed stages. The tree lights and launch were initiated wirelessly from a laptop and observed through an on-board “tree cam”. Needless to say, there are much greener ways of ending the holiday season – but we can’t deny that the launch of the XMS MissileToe is a dramatic way to end the year.

Via Gizmodo