The sleek solar-powered Xof1 car recently rolled into Victoria, Canada to break the world’s record for the longest distance travelled in a solar vehicle! Appearing for all the world like a silvery flying saucer, the single-seat vehicle completed a 15,000 kilometer journey that took pilot Marcelo da Luz all the way across Canada and beyond the Arctic circle.

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The , which stands for “Power of One”, has been Marcelo da Luz’ labor of love since he began development of the vehicle in 1999. Initially engineered to enter the World Solar Challenge in Australia, Luz eventually decided to focus upon developing a car that could break the world’s long distance record for solar vehicles. Previously set at 13,000 kilometers, Marcelo’s Xof1 smashed the old record by traveling over 15,000 km – far enough to travel across Canada twice!

Weighing in at 660 pounds (with driver included), the Xof1 is propelled by a 96 volt DC motor and powered by a 3.8 kW lithium ion battery. It is capable of traveling from 0-60mph in 6 seconds, boasts a top speed of 75mph, and will run for 125 miles on a single charge. Marcelo invested around half a million dollars into the vehicle and constructed it without any corporate sponsorship – his website offers tips on how the car was assembled. Marcelo plans to continue his trek for as long as his funds last, citing Seattle as his next destination. We wish Marcelo congratulations and the best of luck in his incredible endeavor!

Via CBC News

All photos by Marcelo da Luz