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Club Náutico Lo Pagán, XPIRAL Architecture, Spanish architecture, building refurbishment, prefab building, marine architecture, green renovation

The project is consistent in one major way – it is based on prefabricated elements that can be dismantled at any time (dry construction). These are completed with compact cellulose panels, cellular polycarbonates, translucent glass and OSB boards. A network of installations and openings adapts to the structure of the original building, with new layers of skin wrapping its body like regenerating tissue. Using different types of wood, sections and treatment, the timber elements take curved geometries in order to give continuity to the façades and roofs. The variable sections help with the bracing of the new structure in a light, fluent way, all around the original building.

The external staircase is enveloped in polycarbonate sheets and expanded metal that protect the reception area from view during the day, while illuminating the main entrance to the Yacht Club at night. The restaurant is accessible from two sides — one from the esplanade for the public and the other, from the Club for the members. The restaurant is evenly lit from the polycarbonate ceiling and the curved glass wall that can be opened during summer. The entire building is dominated by a combination of high-tech materials and exposed wooden arches, giving it the appearance of a contemporary urban landmark with a warm Mediterranean feel.


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