Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer recently announced that all Yahoo employees must report to the office for duty starting this summer. Accustomed to telecommuting, many of these employees are angry about the move, which is supposed to promote more collaboration and greater productivity. However studies have shown that working from home can be more productive than working in an office, it leads to increased job satisfaction, and the new commute stands to make life difficult for working parents (Mayer has installed her own personal nursery in her office – a luxury that other employees do not have). To top it all off, the work at home ban is sure to increase transportation emissions as Yahoo!’s 11,500 employees must now make the daily commute to the office.

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Using data published by the US Department of Energy, the Sierra Club worked out that if one employee drives a 12.6 mile commute in an SUV that gets 15 miles per gallon, then that vehicle alone is racking up an annual carbon footprint of four tons. Multiply that by the 11,000 or so employees currently working for Yahoo, and that’s a lot of CO2 emissions from one office.

Of course, insiders believe that Mayer’s move will involve a natural sloughing off of some employees who aren’t willing to make the switch, which allows her to get rid of some dangling workers and cut costs at a time when Yahoo really needs to slim down its expenses. Yahoo’s working mothers are up in arms because Mayer had a nursery built into her office so she can have her child there, but they will have to make alternate childcare arrangements.

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