We’ve shown you vehicles powered by veggie oil, the sun’s rays, and the blowing wind, however we never expected to see a vehicle powered by breaking wind. Yamaha is changing all of that with a bovine-speckled Golf Cart that harnesses the power of poo as a means of propulsion. The vehicle, which was recently tested at a golf course in Japan, is not powered by cow dung directly – it is in fact powered by methane.

In Katori, where the cart is being tested, there is a place called Biomass Town where cow dung is processed into biofuel, which is then turned into methane. The methane is supplied via a tank that has been filled with activated carbon, a porous form of the element that assists in absorbing the methane at low pressure. Although our dreams of driving a truly poo-powered vehicle remain unfulfilled, we have to say we’re quite happy to add this lovely golf cart to our ongoing collection of poo-based green solutions.

Via Japan for Sustainability

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