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The new Netanya City Hall is modeled after a weather vane and designed to be dynamic, efficient, vibrant. In addition to functioning as a municipal building, it will serve as a gathering space for city residents and as a link to other urban facilities such as shopping, cultural, commercial, leisure and social centers. A new parking lot will accommodate residents during festive gatherings, but unfortunately does little to encourage public transportation.

The frame of the building is extremely light – so much better than dense concrete alternatives – and flooded with daylighting thanks to its numerous apertures. It is also covered in plants. Even though construction has yet to break ground, it is already clear how even a small amount of green space can completely transform a previously dull area. It also serves an ecological function as a carbon sponge. We quite enjoy this design and look forward to seeing how the story evolves.

+ Yaniv Pardo

Via Arch Daily