Here on Inhabitat, we get to share with our readers a whole lot of really cool designs that you can’t actually buy, and we know it frustrates the heck out of you—because you tell us so. Good news! Today, we’re bringing you an update on a smart bike design that caught our attention last year, a theft-proof bike. And now it’s actually in production. Yerka Bikes is a crowdfunded project that is resulting in a tangible, practical, and really savvy product—a bike that is its own lock.

Last year, we told you about three engineering students in Chile who had a great idea. Now that idea is coming to life, and those students are now called entrepreneurs. The Yerka Project ran a successful Indiegogo campaign and raised $76,563 to fund “the unstealable bike.” The first batch of 300 Yerka bikes went into production last week to fulfill preorders from the crowdfunding effort and to sell in Chile to drum up local support for the new company. More unstealable bikes are expected to be for sale in early 2016.

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The bike looks, more or less, like any other, but it’s packed with special features that make it a cyclist’s dream. The bike’s seat and post become the bike ‘lock’ by attaching to the head tube and gears. Anti-theft nuts hold the wheels on, and they can only be loosened by the special tool that comes with the bike (that, presumably, you’d carry on your person and not store with the bike). The makers say it takes only 10 seconds to transform and lock up the bike, too, so this safe ride isn’t going to slow you down.

Yerka has also partnered with developers to create a mobile app so that you can connect via Bluetooth with your Yerka bike and unlock it without a key. (Whaaaat?) One final bonus, before you cycle away: You’ll never take off on a ride and forget your bike lock at home again.

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Images via Yerka Bikes