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Chickens are very intelligent, social birds, and those who raise them quickly realize that they like to cuddle and hang out just like dogs or cats do. The problem is that chickens, like all other birds, crap all over the place, all the time. Some innovative chicken lovers like the folks at Pampered Poultryand My Pet Chickenhave gotten crafty and sewn adjustable diapers that can be strapped onto the feathery friends to keep the maelstrom contained: the diapers just need to be emptied at regular intervals, and washed regularly. Since there are so many different varieties, from tiny two-pound Bantam hens to the massive eight-bound Orpingtons and Wyandottes, the diapers come in sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

A simple Google search will bring up a number of different options, from unique styles to bright, fun colors that can complement any hen, or you can head over to Etsy and download some patterns so you can sew your own in the hues that you like best. Oh, and for those of you whose fowl affections lean more towards other species, diapers are available in goose, duck, and pigeon sizes too. Once you receive them, it’s just a matter of convincing the chicks how stylish it is to wear them.

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Lead image © My Pet Chicken; other images via Pampered Poultry, Carla Patillo, Alisha Vargas, and For the love of objects on Flickr