We love this beautifully sculpted cardboard mille-feuille that lines the walls of Yiorgos Eleftheriades’ Yeshop in Athens. Dubbed “Papercut”, the project was a collaboration between the fashion designer and dARCH Studio. It takes a multidisciplinary approach to interior design, synthesizing elements of fashion and architecture into a streamlined, self-illuminated, biomorphic installation that was handmade using all eco-friendly materials.

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dARCH Studio founder and architect Elina Drossou said “The need to synthesize the two different approaches to design was the focal point of this project. Concepts and practices used in fashion design were incorporated as organizational principles during the design and the construction phases of the project.”

The installation is composed entirely of re-purposed packing cartons, and was constructed around the space’s existing furniture to create a seamless, streamlined effect. dARCH Studio” built the fluid framework from 1,500 sheets of 5mm thick corrugated cardboard, which were cut into strips and then carefully pasted along an entire wall of the 90 square meter shop. Integrated illumination transforms the built-in boxes to display cases that dynamically frame Eleftheriades’ wares. The innovative installation cost 2,500 Euros, and is a stunning example of thinking outside of the down-cycling loop.

+ dARCH Studio + Yiorgos Eleftheriades

Via designspotter.com Photo credit: Vasilis Skopelitis