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The 1,488 square-foot green roof on Aquinas Hall is an effort that University president John Garvey calls “a living example of environmental stewardship.” The installation will be adjacent to the roofs that have an existing solar panel array, which covers about two-thirds of the roof. The green roof will act as protection from UV radiation, extreme roof temperature gains, and will ultimately protect the roof against damage from exposure.

Maryland-based Schick Goldstein Architects designed the Aquinas Hall green roof in collaboration with DC Greenworks.  DC Greenworks is a non-profit organization that supports stormwater management and urban forestry projects that improve the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Storms in this region have a tendency of polluting the waters of the Anacostia and Potomac rivers by overflowing the capacity of the local sewer systems. These green roofs will help hold back storm water from building runoff, which ultimately helps to alleviate capacity concerns.

To top the sustainable efforts made by installing green roofs on university buildings, the LiveRoof plants were grown locally at Riverbend Nursery, which reduced the project’s carbon footprint. The plants were grown locally and installed at almost full maturity. This helped with maintenance concerns and provide immediate beauty to the roof. With the installation of these green roofs, The Catholic University of America can expect to not only help the environment in many different ways, but they can also expect the underlying roof structure to last three times as long!

+LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System

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