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The newest addition to Relax Park Verholy, YOD Design Lab’s guest houses feature hotel-room sized accommodations, in the thick of the park. In order to leave the land undisrupted, the new guest houses were designed on stilts, leaving the existing root system of the pine forest unharmed. The elevated rooms connect to a platform patio, which elevates guests from the forest floor, colored the same hue of brown as the tree bark around it. Outside, heat-treated plates of wood double as protection against invasive insects, acting as a layer of preservation for the wood. The front of the cabin is capped with floor to ceiling two way glass, which is smoked on the outside to provide privacy, but also to mirror the surroundings.

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Inside, the glass wall acts as a mirror, flooding the cabin with light. The cabins are decorated sparsely, in natural hues of oranges and browns, but also equipped with modern electronics and flat screen televisions. Once the sun has set, diode lamps and background diode highlighters efficiently illuminate the interior.

YOD Design Lab’s beautiful guest houses create a relationship with the idyllic Relax Park Verholy, harmonizing with the landscape so guests can reconnect with nature.

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