Yoda may be one of the luckiest and most courageous piglets in the world. Just last week, this little guy was bound for a slaughterhouse, along with many other pigs. But in a last ditch effort to save himselfhe leapt off the back of a moving trunk and will now live out the rest of his days at an animal sanctuary.

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Last Wednesday evening, drivers on a highway near Brossard, Quebec watched the piglet squeeze through a hole in a trailer and fall out of the moving truck. Local police responded quickly and discovered the month-old to be a bit scuffed up but well enough to travel, so they transferred him to an animal control shelter.

Soon after news of his story hit the blogosphere, an online network of animal lovers ushered the piglet to a new home, the Wishing Well Sanctuary in Bradford, Ontario. Brenda Bronfman, who runs the sanctuary, adopted the piglet and named him Yoda.

Bronfman says that Yoda is doing everything a little pig should, and she’s even bought a little sweater to keep him warm. The Wishing Well Sanctuary permanently adopts animals, meaning that Yoda never has to leave the farm and will spend the rest of his life at the sanctuary amongst his pig friends and other farm animals.

via Treehugger

Images © Wishing Well Sanctuary