You think your measly four-lane rush hour commute is bad? How about trying to navigate a bottleneck that spans 50 lanes and several miles. This week, seemingly every person in China – in reality, nearly 750 million people – were on the move for the week-long Chinese Golden Week celebration, resulting in a gridlocked highway-to-hell that extended for miles.

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Last Tuesday, The People’s Daily reported that cars in Beijing were stranded for hours in a traffic jam that can only be described as our idea of a living hell. And the cause for the nightmare commute? An ill-conceived checkpoint on the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway.

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Sploid compiled a video of the terror on the highway using a drone, which shows dozens of lanes funneling into a tiny checkpoint, and suddenly, our commute isn’t seeming so bad. Times like these make us wonder when those flying cars will finally be ready for the road.

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