You’ve known them all your life, so there’s pressure to make your siblings’ gifts good. Don’t worry. Our top picks for your eco-conscious sibs this year will have them looking, feeling and even smelling their best.

A person in sheer black tights wearing a pair of pink Dr. Martens.

Dr. Martens vegan line

Give that classic Dr. Martens look without sacrificing your sibling’s animal welfare ethics. Yep, the famous boot maker’s vegan line is even cooler than the original. Glitzy sibs will love the pink metallic boots with subtle hexagonal embossing. The shiny cherry red is gorgeous or, of course, go with basic black. The vegan line also includes Chelsea-style boots, sans laces. Alternatively, choose a chic messenger bag.

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A leather keychain engraved with the name Michelle.

Vegan leather keychain

For an inexpensive gift or stocking stuffer, you can get your sibling’s name — or embarrassing family nickname — engraved on a vegan leather keychain. Choose from a natural leather color, a spiffy mint, blue, burgundy or other fun hues. You can have one or both sides engraved. The Etsy seller who makes these has a five-star rating and more than 10,000 reviews, so you know their work is top-notch.

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A pair of red ankle boots with black exclamation points on them.

Sylven Footwear

If your sibling is more sophisticated than punk rock, Sylven Footwear might appeal. These shoes are made from apple leather, a sustainably manufactured, bio-based plant leather using apple waste from Tyrol, Italy. This town at the base of the Alps is Europe’s biggest organic apple supplier. Sylven transforms the discarded cores and skins into imitation leather, and then into gorgeous shoes. Choose from sneakers, flats or some very sleek and sexy boots. We recommend the festive red or silver.

Several bars of soap stacked against each other.

Shampoo bar

Don’t know what to get your sibling? It’s a safe guess that they’ll have to wash their hair sooner or later. So how about an all-natural shampoo bar from Humankind that is good for both their scalp and our planet? Choose from unscented or citrus-lavender (with bonus notes of orange, tangerine and rose). The shampoo formula is vegan and sulfate-free. If you’re feeling generous, throw in a conditioner bar, too.

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A pair of black and white sneakers surrounded by three hemp leaves.

Waterproof hemp shoes

Does your sibling enjoy long walks in the rain? Then they’ll appreciate a pair of sustainable, waterproof hemp shoes from 8000Kicks. Maria Otilla and her grandson Bernardo Carreira started the company together, capitalizing on her many years in the textile industry and his business studies at Purdue University. Together they designed these super comfortable, vegan and biodegradable sneakers, featuring the world’s first hemp insole. An algae outsole makes the shoes lightweight and flexible, and they have a way lower carbon footprint than your usual trainers.

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A pair of hands holding a pink stick of deodorant.

Deodorant & body care

You have to know somebody pretty darn well to gift them a stick of deodorant for the holidays. Even some sibs might take offense. But if you come from a close-knit family where exchanging deodorant is kosher, the plastic-free line from Humble is our top choice. The mountain lavender scent will make your sib feel like they’re strolling through a field of lavender, not sweating it out at CrossFit. Try the palo santo and frankincense scent, which promises “a hint of sweet tonka bean.” The ingredient list boasts natural components such as coconut oil, beeswax and pure botanical extracts. These deodorants also come in 100% biodegradable tubes.

A person in a red-orange puffer jacket.

Bernie Full Circle coats

Bernardo Fashions’ new Bernie Full Circle coat line considers every aspect of creating garments. Forget fast fashion — these coats are painstakingly pondered and planned. From the cruelty-free, 100% recycled polyester fill to the slim fit, these puffy coats will make you look stylish, not like a doughboy. In fact, everything from the lining to the hangtags is 100% recycled. The insulation is made from recycled bottles, rather than plucked ducks. Styles include short to below the knee puffers, and even long puffer vests.

A small potted plant with ornaments hanging on it.

Plants from ThorsensGreenhouse

For plant-loving siblings, nothing’s sweeter than gaining a new green friend. The Etsy shop ThorsensGreenhouse offers yule-friendly tabletop pines, bright red Christmas amaryllis bulb grow kits, and fun surprises like flapjack succulents. Many of the plants come in biodegradable pots. Categories make it easy to choose. “Perfect for Beginners” is safer for the not-so-green thumb. For households with curious cats, try “Pet-Friendly Plants.” The brand’s motto is “Spreading joy through plants,” and we bet they’ll do just that for your sibling.

A spread of makeup products.

Doja Cat’s vegan + cruelty-free makeup

If your sibling is into color — specifically around the eyes — Doja Cat’s 36 color shadow palette will give them hours of makeover fun. And at $36, that’s just a buck per color. Ultra-pigmented shadows include brights, cools and nudes in matte and shimmer finishes. They’re all cruelty-free and vegan, and the brand promises to “take your eye looks on a mystical adventure.”

A pair of hands knitting with green yarn.

We Are Knitters kit

If your sibling is into slow fashion, they can take it up a notch with a DIY sweater kit from We Are Knitters. As the brand puts it, “If knitting your own sweater takes you more than a week and costs more than $90, how can other brands produce them in less than one day for under $20? We encourage everyone to think about the labor, costs, and production processes that we’re supporting. By doing this, we have an opportunity to reduce pollution and our impact on the environment.” Your sib will have plenty of time to ponder this quandary while wielding artisan-made, 100% FSC Certified beechwood hooks and needles through bamboo or recycled yarn. Since bamboo requires very little water and produces more oxygen per square foot than other forest systems, this yarn is an emerging darling among eco-conscious knitters.

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