Have you ever wanted a jet pack? Or have you wanted to turn yourself into a drone? Have you been looking for a personal transportation option that keeps you ahead of the Green Lantern? Look no further, CopterPack is a self-leveling personal copter that allows individuals to fly just like a drone or helicopter — or a superhero.

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Man standing with the electric flying backpack with a city backdrop

“CopterPack is an electric backpack helicopter with a self-leveling autopilot. The lightweight airframe is constructed from carbon fiber honeycomb,” CopterPack founders say.

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Man with CopterPack

What sets CopterPack apart from conventional jet packs is that it makes your body part of the aircraft body. Designers also say that CopterPack is currently in development. “The recent tethered test of the prototype enabled evaluation of the flight dynamics and aircraft stabilization.”

Man standing up close with the CopterPack

CopterPack includes bright white LED lights that guide and light the vehicle, which is controlled by the user leaning in the direction they want to fly. In addition, the final version could have two rotors connected to a gear that the pilot would wear. Users should wear protective gear, including a helmet to protect in case of unexpected landing and to protect from dust and debris irritating the pilot’s eyes during takeoff and landing.

Man flying with the CopterPack above the ocean

Meanwhile, the rotors are open with no coverings on the top or bottom of the wheels. Such features might need to change before production to be safe for the final design. A powerful jet engine or battery pack would be needed to lift a user in the air while providing manageable flight and balance.

Superheroes, get your pre-orders in soon. This promises to be serious fun and a useful way to get an individual pilot from here to their island lair. Expect pilot-protecting updates and performance tweaks before this unique jetpack goes into limited production.

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