Attention chocolate lovers! The Nature Conservancy and Yves Behar have just come out with a new sustainable hot cacao system to make the traditional drink right in your own home. Following the tradition of the Bribri women of Talamanca in Costa Rica, the product  includes a mug, raw pressed cacao and a stirring tool, which hooks nicely onto the mug.  The system not only provides sweets , but also educates on the sustainable history of cacao.

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The Bribri women of Costa Rica form raw cacao into patties, which are then used with water to make the delicious hot drink. Nothing is added- not even sugar- just the patties and water. The Nature Conservancy’s system captures this tradition, modeling the logo off of the sustainable burlap sacks used to store cacao beans, and simulating the cacao patties with the custom grating tool which shaves yummy flakes of cacao to mix and steep with hot water in the mug. The cacao patties come in smaller burlap sacks which are reusable and biodegradable.

The Nature Conservancy hopes this product will help educate on the benefits of cacao production. Cacao is not a synthetically raised crop, growing in a natural ecosystem of the lush rainforest. Since cacao farms are synonymous with the rainforest, their growth benefits the preservation of the rainforest exponentially.

+ The Nature Conservancy

Via Fuse Project