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With 352 units and dramatic 10-foot ceilings, The Centro swaps floors of lifeless gray parking for spacious lofts and a lower overall carbon footprint. In lieu of a built-in parking garage, residents will have access to a fleet of smart cars from the Car2Go auto-sharing program, covered bicycle parking, and even a potential bike-share station. Its pedestrian-friendly location also makes it easy for residents to reach all major amenities on foot, such as an upcoming Whole Foods Market located a few blocks away.

“Centro is about downtown living, and a smart way to live at the center of culture, entertainment and social life,” says industrial designer Béhar. Best known for his work on consumer projects such as the Leaf Light and SodaStream Source home soda maker, The Centro marks Béhar’s first serious foray into architecture.

The interior design by Béhar and his team at fuseproject features a material palette that combines geometric patterns with organic forms in a richly textured and eclectic expression of modern Miami. Some design elements include a herringbone-patterned sidewalk that leads up to the electric foil logo atop the building’s entrance; a Swarovski light installation hanging in the main lobby; lush, living green walls and unique “teepee-style” lounge furniture that surround the rooftop pool.

Construction of this garage-free luxury condo is set to break ground this fall with completion slated for early 2015. Visitors to the nearby sales gallery will be able to view a scale model of the building, renderings, as well as several of Béhar’s interior design concepts.

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Images via Schwartz Media