The race for the green supercar is on, and BMW is itching to become a key player. In a push to roll out a green vehicle, BMW recently revealed the BMW Z10 ED, a ultra-efficient 400 horsepower hybrid that the company hopes will become their new flagship vehicle.

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The focus of the Z10 Efficient Dynamics vehicle is on technology to reduce its carbon emissions. Instead of an electric motor, BMW is experimenting with increasing the efficiency of the motor. A new high-pressure turbocharged engine will replace the current 3.0 liter unit. According to BMW, the advances in technology mean that petrol engines can be manufactured to run much more efficiently, but provide the same amount of power as that of a conventional engine.

The vehicle will also showcase BMW’s carbon fiber construction process. This process ensures that the weight of the vehicle, which is expected to be made of aluminum and carbon fiber, will be less than 1,400 kilograms. Finally, to ensure that every ounce of energy can be squeezed out of the vehicle, a regenerative braking system and a small battery will be included.