We don’t often bring news of projects without at least an inkling of the actual design, but sometimes we just can’t resist: Zaha Hadid, the Iraqi Pritzker Prize winning architect, is set to design Melbourne’s, and Australia’s, greenest and probably most expensive commercial and housing complex. A tall order, considering that Melbourne is already home to CH2 and 40 Albert Road, which have been the only two buildings in the country to achieve the highest 6-star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia.

While the design is still shrouded in secrecy (the image above is just an artist’s impression of what the design might look like, and is not the official design of the development), a few facts have already leaked to the outside world. The design will be composed of four buildings, Docklands’ tallest tower, elaborate civic spaces over two sites, and decking over Wurundjeri Way pedestrian river paths.

The proposed tower will be 50 to 60 levels high and would occupy the site once earmarked for the failed Grollo Tower. The design is set to be so green, that according to The Age, an Australian newspaper, “it would deserve an eight-to-12-star energy rating” something which is impossible under current Green Star guidelines, and would be the equivalent of a rating three or four times above LEED Platinum.

We have featured Zaha previously when we spoke about the Performing Arts Centre in Abu Dhabi. She is of course quite famous for her extreme designs, which vary from being quite angular and sculptural, to her more recent biologically-inspired shapes. Whatever one may think of her work, you cannot deny that she is doing some very interesting and exciting projects. We can’t wait to see what the final design for the Melbourne Docklands will look like and hope that the final design is as green as it is claimed to be.

+ Article from The Age